Monday, February 28, 2011

needing no justification for baking funfetti cupcakes at 2am is one of the many perks of being pregnant.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

a teensy scarf for a dear friend's daughter. tonight i'm going to venture into the world of embroidery for the first time. productivity!
andy and his friend andrew, with whom he’s in a band, recently decided to participate in “february album writing month.” and by that i mean that they wrote and recorded it all in one day, in our bedroom. (mind you, our bedroom is not a closed off area, it’s open to the living room.)

i guess it's meant to be a sort of return to their roots- and their roots are weird.

pictured: andrew, hand drum, cymbal, ukulele, musical saw, bongos, large drum, mic & stand
not pictured: andy, pan flute, xylophone, tambourine, what i believe is a toy accordion, kazoo, bewildered cats, and various other bizarre instruments that i can’t identify.

needless to say, it was a noisy day.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

all of my knitting needles/looms/yarn/etc have been stuffed up on a closet shelf since we moved. i think it's time to drag all of it out and attempt to be productive.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

andy's brother and sister-in-law gave us a babies r us gift card a while back and we've held off on using it, unsure whether we should use it for fun things or save it for post baby shower necessities. we probably would have held out until after the shower, but on a whim i went to today and found that they were having a huge one day sale with free shipping over $75. who could pass that up?

it took hours to decide what to buy, but we finally settled on:

this diaper bag, which matches the graco "little hoot" travel system and pack-n-play we're planning to get, and...

our first baby wraps! i was planning on ordering just the chocolate moby, but andy said "what if one is dirty? how will we carry him? we need two!" i could have pointed out that we could use our arms or perhaps a stroller, but i'm just glad that he's excited about babywearing, too.

the gift card is nearly used up, but we saved $30+ on the items and $18 on shipping. totally worth it. i'm so excited for everything to arrive!

some babywearing inspiration:

so fawned
babywearing dads on tumblr
adventures in babywearing
ethnic babywearing flickr pool

Saturday, February 19, 2011

i've been feeling pretty lonely lately and it was starting to weigh on me. last night, however, brought a pleasant surprise- two of our closest friends from new port richey visited orlando. seeing them was such a comfort.

they and a few other friends met us for pizza, ice cream, a long conversation about dragon ball z, and a heated debate about whether or not monkeys can juggle. (the jury is still out on that.)

oh, and the vortex amazing.

what's the vortex amazing? yeah, i didn't know either.

frankly, i still can't explain it.

after the vortex we all came back to the apartment to play things (the game) and a telephone/pictionary hybrid game.

the basics:

we had seven people, each with seven index cards. everyone writes a phrase on their top card (some of ours were: the four horsemen of the apocalypse, jumping the shark, like taking candy from a baby, and so on) and passes the whole stack to the right. you then read the phrase you've just been passed, put that card on the bottom, and draw the phrase. the stacks get passed again, but this time everyone looks at the drawing they've been handed and writes what they think the picture represents. this goes on, alternating between drawing and interpreting, until each person has their original stack back, at which point you can see what your phrase has devolved into and how it got there. highly entertaining, to say the least.

this has run a bit long so i will wrap up today in photos.

orange blossom honey from the farmer's market.

goodwill love.

Friday, February 18, 2011

i have acquired oreos (DOUBLE STUF!) and all is right with the world.

also, for good measure:

28w4d/6.6 months

Thursday, February 17, 2011

things are chugging along here. money has been super tight lately, which means our entertainment options are pretty limited, but we do our best to keep busy.

there are actually a surprising number of free events around here, if you look hard enough. we tagged along with some friends to a john lennon art exhibit in winter park (and went window shopping down park avenue- oh, to be wealthy) and attended a free acoustic performance by yann tiersen in the most wonderful cd & record shop, park ave cds. soon i'll drag andy to one of the zillion farmer's markets in the area.

we even took a trip to the library where we acquired our very own orange county library cards. i checked out two prenatal fitness dvds (cardio & pilates/yoga), kafka on the shore, and ina may's guide to breastfeeding. i left disappointed, though, as all of the natural childbirth books i'd been looking for were checked out. share the wealth, crunchy pregnant ladies of orange county.

andy has been going through his induction/training this week. he's there all day every day, being brainwashed with sales techniques and smart phone jargon, which not only means a lot of bonding time with the cats (they don't really want to bond), it also meant that i had to go to my 28 week appointment at the birth center all by my lonesome yesterday. despite my dislike of driving, i actually don't mind the 40 minute trip. the roads aren't busy, the route is scenic, and i can turn up the decemberists and sing loudly and enjoy the anticipation of being back at the birth center. the chickens that i keep seeing wandering the streets of downtown oviedo are pretty entertaining, too.

at this particular appointment i had blood drawn for the gestational diabetes and hemoglobin tests. they called me today to let me know that my glucose was fine but that i am still slightly anemic- as if the bruise from the blood draw wasn't indication enough, ha. if only cookies were a good source of iron.

my midwife also helped me map my belly to find out what position the baby is in. he's left occiput anterior, which means that he's head down, facing my spine, with his back along the left side of my belly. this is the best position for birth. of course, at only 28 weeks along he could still change position, but he's been head down at every ultrasound since 12 weeks so i think he's just comfortable that way!

oh, and the natural birth books that were checked out at the library? my midwife had two of them, and lent them to me! so i've added natural childbirth the bradley way and the thinking woman's guide to better birth to my reading list. still missing ina may's guide to childbirth but i may have to just order that one.

anyway, this post has gone on long enough. we're getting our tax refunds soon, and that means new furniture! expect a post about my living room redecorating plans soon. :]

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

wordless wednesday.

we've been in orlando two weeks now and we're more or less settled in. the move itself went smoothly, no disasters, and we were unpacked pretty quickly.

orlando is nice. it's different. there is a lot to do but we're still pretty broke from the week andy took off work, not to mention all of the moving expenses, so we stay in mostly. i'm alright as long as andy's around, but if he's at work or out without me it becomes difficult to ignore how lonely it is here. it will get better, right?

sleep has been elusive lately. suddenly i'm unable to sleep through anything, and the cats have taken it upon themselves to destroy everything they can get at as soon as the lights go out. at this point i'm so paranoid about what they're doing at night that i wake up when they're doing normal things- eating, scratching in the litter box, playing with their own toys. oh, and i have to pee at least five times a night. so... that's fun.

anyway, i had a consultation at heart 2 heart birth center in sanford on monday. it was really lovely. the birth rooms were so beautiful, everyone was friendly and welcoming. it was perfect. i'm trying not to get too set in a birth plan (because that's the best way to be disappointed) but i'm crossing my fingers for a natural, complication-free delivery at h2h.