Tuesday, January 25, 2011

tomorrow (today now, actually) is our last full day in new port richey. early wednesday morning we'll pick up the moving truck and load it (and andy's dad's truck, and andy's car) with our boxes and furniture and cats and selves and head out.

i am stressed out about every aspect of moving- the chaos of our current apartment, the transport (and possible destruction) of all of my possessions, the fact that i am going to be driving andy's car to orlando alone, getting everything up the incredibly narrow staircase at our new place, and of course, figuring out how the hell everything is going to fit in an apartment that is half the size of our current place. andy is much less stressed than i am, but that's his nature.

i hope these next few days go by quickly and easily.

Friday, January 14, 2011

i really need to post more frequently, it would prevent long rambling posts (like this one).

the level II ultrasound at tampa general went incredibly well, if you exclude the part where andy and i got lost in a parking garage. really though, trying to drive anywhere near the hospital was horrible. who puts a hospital on an island?

anyway, my absurdly awesome friend ashley and her very nearly one year old daughter evie accompanied us to the ultrasound which was really exciting. the sonographer was easily the nicest medical professional that i've encountered thus far in my pregnancy (but i guess that isn't saying much). she went out of her way to explain what we were seeing on the screen, chatted with us, and- to my absolute surprise- showed us the baby in 4D! i had suspicions that, being a higher quality machine, it would have the capabilities but i just assumed that since the scan was for pretty specific medical purposes we wouldn't get such an opportunity. it was amazing. and beyond all of that she gave us seven photos, including 3D.

isn't he handsome?

on the orlando front- we have an apartment! it's smaller than what we're used to but it's cute and affordable and only a mile from UCF. we couldn't ask for more. as andy is meant to start working on the 30th we couldn't wait till the first of february to start a lease, but luckily the current tenant was already intending to leave early and we were able to buy the last week of his rent. it's ours starting the 22nd.

our current apartment is a complete mess of boxes and there are these strange bare patches- there's nothing on the refrigerator door, our tall bookshelf is gone (it wouldn't have survived the move), shelves are bare. the strange combination of clutter and complete lack of clutter is really bizarre to me.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


andy has been officially hired at the best buy in waterford lakes and is set to start on the 30th. this means that we need to move by then. we are about 75% sure that we have an apartment but everything is so short notice and jfdsaklda. i hate moving.

my appointment at tampa general is on monday, and the follow up for that as well as my next regular doctor's appointment are towards the end of this month- at which point we'll already be in orlando, and will have to come back to npr solely for the appointments. so that's kind of inconvenient.

i don't even know. picture?

my last day at target.