my name is lyndsey and i’m 25 years old.

my husband andy and i married on 10.10.10, and we have been together since 10.10.06.

our son elias was born 5.12.2011.

in late january ‘11, when i was about six months pregnant, andy and i (and our two cats, nono and nickee coco) moved to orlando, fl from the small town near tampa where i was born and raised.

i spend my free time reading, drawing, painting, taking photos,
playing video games/board games, crafting, cooking, or mindlessly navigating the internet (this probably should have been first on the list).

a few artists that i love: john william waterhouse, takato yamamoto, arthur rackham, sam weber, james jean, julie dillon, jeannie phan, tobias kwancarson ellisamber seegmillerkira maintanisjohn kennjohnathan robertsexit-deerlittleworries,gabrielle roseencreetpapier, and many, many more.

i hope you enjoy my ramblings.