Sunday, November 14, 2010

today i relax.

i have had so much going on lately, far too much for me. having a lot to do makes time move slowly. i haven't spent so much time outside of the apartment in a long while.

i was hired at target, hmm, the week before last? which of course meant i had to get a new driver's license (with my new last name), which meant i had to get a new birth certificate... it was a huge headache but my name is officially changed through just about every avenue necessary.

i worked thursday-saturday (yesterday) and wow. i am extremely out of practice when it comes to being on my feet for long periods of time. i've come home each night aching all over. but hey, i've got a job, i shouldn't complain.

as for baby news, there isn't much to tell. my next doctor's appointment isn't till december 2nd, and that's the big anatomy ultrasound. i'm definitely showing now, but based on the amazement i get from everyone when i tell them i'm pregnant, people are still just assuming that i spend a bit too much time in front of the fridge. sigh. where can i find one of those "i'm not fat, i'm pregnant" shirts?

on the other hand, andy and i have been doing a lot of cooking lately, and i just recently made my first batch of from-scratch cookies. but i swear, it's the baby.

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  1. Baby-having was what made me start cooking too. :3 Now if only I wanted to clean as much as I did when I was pregnant... lolz.