Monday, December 6, 2010

had a conversation with someone at my doctor's office today. it went sort of like this:

me: "hi, my name is lyndsey ward- well actually it's not, but medicaid says it still is so that's how you guys know me. i had an anatomy scan on thursday and it sucked."

her: "anatomy scan? what is that? do you mean a well woman exam? i don't even see you in our system. lyndsey wood, right?"

me: "no. no, my name is not lyndsey wood. ward, w-a-r-d. i am eighteen weeks pregnant and i mean the big mid-pregnancy ultrasound during which my baby's organs and size and whatnot are checked."

her: "uh, hold on, i need a chart or i will have no idea what you're talking about ever."

(five minutes of midi waiting music)

her: "hey, that ultrasound you're talking about? that happens between 18-22 weeks, you haven't had that yet."

me: "that's what i'm saying, but your stupid technician is that one that called it that. i was 17 weeks and three days, they said it was cool. they said i wasn't getting another ultrasound."

her: "they were wrong. see, it even says your next appointment is on a thursday, that's when the ultrasound tech is here."

me: "i asked for a thursday."

her: "no, this proves that we knew what we were doing the whole time! see you in three weeks!"

so, as you can see, it was finally, FINALLY, decided that i would be receiving another ultrasound at my next appointment on the 30th. she said she was putting a note in my chart about it to be sure, and that's good enough for me- charts are law in a doctor's office, right?

in other news, i look exactly the same- if not a smidge smaller- than i did last week. what is this?


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