Thursday, February 17, 2011

things are chugging along here. money has been super tight lately, which means our entertainment options are pretty limited, but we do our best to keep busy.

there are actually a surprising number of free events around here, if you look hard enough. we tagged along with some friends to a john lennon art exhibit in winter park (and went window shopping down park avenue- oh, to be wealthy) and attended a free acoustic performance by yann tiersen in the most wonderful cd & record shop, park ave cds. soon i'll drag andy to one of the zillion farmer's markets in the area.

we even took a trip to the library where we acquired our very own orange county library cards. i checked out two prenatal fitness dvds (cardio & pilates/yoga), kafka on the shore, and ina may's guide to breastfeeding. i left disappointed, though, as all of the natural childbirth books i'd been looking for were checked out. share the wealth, crunchy pregnant ladies of orange county.

andy has been going through his induction/training this week. he's there all day every day, being brainwashed with sales techniques and smart phone jargon, which not only means a lot of bonding time with the cats (they don't really want to bond), it also meant that i had to go to my 28 week appointment at the birth center all by my lonesome yesterday. despite my dislike of driving, i actually don't mind the 40 minute trip. the roads aren't busy, the route is scenic, and i can turn up the decemberists and sing loudly and enjoy the anticipation of being back at the birth center. the chickens that i keep seeing wandering the streets of downtown oviedo are pretty entertaining, too.

at this particular appointment i had blood drawn for the gestational diabetes and hemoglobin tests. they called me today to let me know that my glucose was fine but that i am still slightly anemic- as if the bruise from the blood draw wasn't indication enough, ha. if only cookies were a good source of iron.

my midwife also helped me map my belly to find out what position the baby is in. he's left occiput anterior, which means that he's head down, facing my spine, with his back along the left side of my belly. this is the best position for birth. of course, at only 28 weeks along he could still change position, but he's been head down at every ultrasound since 12 weeks so i think he's just comfortable that way!

oh, and the natural birth books that were checked out at the library? my midwife had two of them, and lent them to me! so i've added natural childbirth the bradley way and the thinking woman's guide to better birth to my reading list. still missing ina may's guide to childbirth but i may have to just order that one.

anyway, this post has gone on long enough. we're getting our tax refunds soon, and that means new furniture! expect a post about my living room redecorating plans soon. :]

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  1. Sounds you all doing pretty good. We can't wait to come visit you, hopefully after the baby is born in May. You'll have to take Vanessa to one of the farmer's markets; they're unfortunately scarce here (one of the many reasons we miss Texas) so we've been missing out.