Wednesday, February 9, 2011

we've been in orlando two weeks now and we're more or less settled in. the move itself went smoothly, no disasters, and we were unpacked pretty quickly.

orlando is nice. it's different. there is a lot to do but we're still pretty broke from the week andy took off work, not to mention all of the moving expenses, so we stay in mostly. i'm alright as long as andy's around, but if he's at work or out without me it becomes difficult to ignore how lonely it is here. it will get better, right?

sleep has been elusive lately. suddenly i'm unable to sleep through anything, and the cats have taken it upon themselves to destroy everything they can get at as soon as the lights go out. at this point i'm so paranoid about what they're doing at night that i wake up when they're doing normal things- eating, scratching in the litter box, playing with their own toys. oh, and i have to pee at least five times a night. so... that's fun.

anyway, i had a consultation at heart 2 heart birth center in sanford on monday. it was really lovely. the birth rooms were so beautiful, everyone was friendly and welcoming. it was perfect. i'm trying not to get too set in a birth plan (because that's the best way to be disappointed) but i'm crossing my fingers for a natural, complication-free delivery at h2h.

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