Sunday, March 6, 2011

my god, these have been a few extremely long days. i haven't been sleeping well so i've been forced to get by on a couple of hours of sleep here and there. it makes one day feel like four.

our weekend has consisted of shopping and projects. we finally got our tax refund on friday and it was enough that we could put some aside for important things and still afford a few luxuries, which are not common for us. naturally, i was extremely excited.

you see, i'd never been to ikea.

yes, you read that right. never! i've spent countless hours browsing the website, compiling wish lists, and imagining how i would decorate our apartment if i had the means. so when friday rolled around i finalized and printed my shopping list, and after a stop at home depot (more on that later...) we set out on the half-hour drive to ikea orlando.

i will spare you the play-by-play but let me just say two things:

1. my list didn't have a prayer.
2. shopping alone would have been dangerous- financially.

i was pretty satisfied with my self-imposed spending limit, but it turned out that ikea had the same effect on andy that it had on me. i was not expecting that. "look, this bookshelf is on sale!" and, "i know this one is more expensive, but it's way cooler." the flip side to his furniture enthusiasm was my weakness for accessories. i think we kept one another in check- or at least, he kept me in check. we ended up getting the more expensive shelf for our tv and an extra bookshelf to boot, but i didn't get the cushions or storage boxes that i wanted. sigh.

after an extremely stressful drive home with half of a large box dangling out of our trunk on the interstate (superb planning on our part, luckily our bed frame made it home) we began the long assembly process. we worked until the wee hours yesterday and until 3am today.

to do: finish decorating, buy a box spring so we can actually use our bed frame, sell/donate all of the old furniture that is now cluttering up our tiny apartment, and install our new bedroom "doors"- again, more on that later.


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