Thursday, November 4, 2010

i am repurposing this blog. it is now an "i'm pregnant, let's talk about the weird things related to that" blog rather than an "i only post here when i'm alone and having a panic attack" blog. i deleted a few of the older posts, but not all of them because well, that's me.

we have officially announced that i'm pregnant and our friends seem about equal parts excited for us and weirded out. that's okay i guess.

i am 13w3d today and at 11 o'clock i have a doctors appointment. i opted to do the nuchal translucency test, but not because i think my baby is at risk of a chromosomal abnormality; andy had to miss the last ultrasound, and i want him to see the baby. i suppose i should go get dressed and whatnot.

i will leave you with a photo of my barely-there bump, taken at 13w:

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