Tuesday, February 22, 2011

andy's brother and sister-in-law gave us a babies r us gift card a while back and we've held off on using it, unsure whether we should use it for fun things or save it for post baby shower necessities. we probably would have held out until after the shower, but on a whim i went to babiesrus.com today and found that they were having a huge one day sale with free shipping over $75. who could pass that up?

it took hours to decide what to buy, but we finally settled on:

this diaper bag, which matches the graco "little hoot" travel system and pack-n-play we're planning to get, and...

our first baby wraps! i was planning on ordering just the chocolate moby, but andy said "what if one is dirty? how will we carry him? we need two!" i could have pointed out that we could use our arms or perhaps a stroller, but i'm just glad that he's excited about babywearing, too.

the gift card is nearly used up, but we saved $30+ on the items and $18 on shipping. totally worth it. i'm so excited for everything to arrive!

some babywearing inspiration:

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  1. I posted a long comment to a previous post a few days ago and it didn't show up. Rawr. I'll rewrite it soon. I think it's so adorable that he's planning on using the baby wrap too. Seeing good daddies always makes me go "AW" in my head. You guys are going to have the sweetest little family. I really like the colors and designs you've decided on.

  2. i've had the same issue with vanishing comments!

    isn't it sweet? i can't wait to see him toting around the little one on his chest. :3 and thanks! i'm a big fan of earthy colours, which is convenient for boy stuff. the only real trouble is finding woodland themed things rather than safari/jungle (companies use these words like they're interchangeable, it drives me insane).