Saturday, February 19, 2011

i've been feeling pretty lonely lately and it was starting to weigh on me. last night, however, brought a pleasant surprise- two of our closest friends from new port richey visited orlando. seeing them was such a comfort.

they and a few other friends met us for pizza, ice cream, a long conversation about dragon ball z, and a heated debate about whether or not monkeys can juggle. (the jury is still out on that.)

oh, and the vortex amazing.

what's the vortex amazing? yeah, i didn't know either.

frankly, i still can't explain it.

after the vortex we all came back to the apartment to play things (the game) and a telephone/pictionary hybrid game.

the basics:

we had seven people, each with seven index cards. everyone writes a phrase on their top card (some of ours were: the four horsemen of the apocalypse, jumping the shark, like taking candy from a baby, and so on) and passes the whole stack to the right. you then read the phrase you've just been passed, put that card on the bottom, and draw the phrase. the stacks get passed again, but this time everyone looks at the drawing they've been handed and writes what they think the picture represents. this goes on, alternating between drawing and interpreting, until each person has their original stack back, at which point you can see what your phrase has devolved into and how it got there. highly entertaining, to say the least.

this has run a bit long so i will wrap up today in photos.

orange blossom honey from the farmer's market.

goodwill love.

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